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About Us

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Everything about us is you!


Located in historic downtown Kalispell, we are a charming bridal boutique with a beautiful collection of designer wedding dresses as well as a great collection of dresses for your bridal party; we have the groom and his crew covered as well with our vast selection of men’s formal wear. We adore all things pretty! Our collections are curated to dress all kinds of women; no matter what body shape, if you’re tall, curvy or petite we have the perfect dress for you. Every client who visits our boutique is special and important to us, we are here for you because everything about ‘us’ is ‘you’!

Here's what we care about most:


We believe you know what you want and we’re here to help you get it.  We’re here to listen and help you find the dress of your dreams. We work with you, combining our expertise with your style and vision to pick the perfect dress for your wedding.



We believe in striving to understand the unique challenges that come when planning a wedding so we can put your specific goals - not our own - at the forefront of our decisions. Empathy isn’t just about listening, it’s about putting ourselves in your shoes and understanding your perspective so we can create the best dress discovery experience for you, based on your needs and your wants.


We believe in sweating the small stuff ... so you don’t have to. Need to make sure all your bridesmaids get the right dress? We’ll handle that! Looking for the perfect flower girl dress? We’ve got it! Formal wear for the groom and the bridal party? Got it! Formal wear for the proud fathers? Shoes? We’ve got that too! We’ve got you covered! We’re here to take care of all the details so you can focus on you.


We believe in having fun! Sure, it sounds simple, but when you’re trying to juggle dozens of planning tasks and the wise words of your mother, grandmother and second-cousin, twice removed, fun can tend to get lost in the fray. That’s why, from the moment you walk into Mimi’s we’re focused on helping you enjoy your dress shopping experience, creating a fun environment to discover your perfect dress.


We believe in going the extra mile. We’re always dreaming up new ways to make your dress discovery process more simple, more seamless and more special. Whether that’s customizing your dress shopping experience or surprising you with some of our signature special touches, we value excellence because we value you and the importance of your big day.

Meet the Girls

Lori Huestis
Store Manager

Nicole Moore
Bridal Consultant
Nicole's passion is for every bride to know how beautiful and worthy she is, exactly as she is.
As a born and raised local, when she's not finding your dream dress, she is adventuring her gorgeous state with her husband, her Italian Mastiff, and her Wirehair Griffon. And her cat. She also comes from
a big, Greek family, and had a Big, Fat, Greek wedding in 2 feet of snow, traditional Montana style. 

Kirston Saddler
Sales Associate
Kirston's passion is making a bride’s wedding dream come to life, while also helping her find the perfect dress she feels beautiful and confident in. When Kirston is not helping you reach your bridal dreams, she is spending time with her husband and English Bulldog, Dallas, who was named after the Dallas Cowboys, her favorite NFL team. She had a boho themed wedding in her favorite Arkansas, fall. 

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